Five Activity Ideas For Children

Sometimes it can be difficult for parents to come up with new and stimulating activities for their very young children and this can be very frustrating for both parent and child. A small child needs a great deal of stimulation and parents would be forgiven for sometimes feeling at a loss for new things to do with their child. Fear not, here we have a run-down of 5 top activities for parents and small children.

The Play Park

While this is one that every parent will have considered and possibly done countless times, it’s one that your child will take a lot longer to get tired of. Playing at a park with slides, see-saws and swings will seem like the biggest theme parks to your child and will be beneficial to them in so many ways. On top of the endless fun this will help develop their strength and social skills as they learn to share the park with other children.

The Zoo

The amazing range of wildlife available in the Zoo is enough to still surprise many adults so imagine the amazement this will create in a child who will have never seen some animals in any form, let alone in the flesh.

The Zoo offers something so unique in that so many wonderful animals are available in one place. Pick the right day and it’ll be perfect for ice cream and the penguin parade.


No one is ever having more fun in a swimming pool than the toddler in armbands splashing about with mum or dad. While swimming is fun it’s also really good for your child allowing them to develop their muscle and particularly leg strength in the buoyancy of a swimming pool.

Soft Play Areas

These places popular with children’s parties are basically there to let your child go nuts in an array of indoor play equipment. From the ball pit to the giant foam soft play blocks; your child will be in their element running wild back and forth.

Built to be as safe as possible you can feel more at ease as you sip a coffee and they wear themselves out, ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Toddler Groups

Some children at a young age don’t really get the opportunity to mix and socialise with other children and a toddler group is the perfect remedy for this. Often run out of churches and social clubs these are inexpensive and allow your child to interact with other children their age, honing their social skills and teaching them the importance of sharing.

Guest Writer

Our guest writer is Jack Regis. Jack is a supplier of indoor play equipment. He provides soft play supplies to a variety of children’s play areas.