Confused about which type of children’s bed to buy?

Let’s face it, there’s a whole host of children’s beds out there on the market, and as a parent, you might be feeling a little confused about which type of bed to choose to suit both your child’s needs and the size of their bedroom.

This article looks at some of the options out there, and highlights advantages and disadvantages to help you choose.

1). Single bed without storage
Buying a single bed that does not have underneath storage (often called a truckle drawer) is probably best if your child’s bedroom is a decent size and storage is not an issue. The good thing about buying a bed without underneath storage is that these types of beds are often very attractive, without the thinly disguised, and often bulky, drawers underneath.

2). Single bed with storage
A single bed which has storage underneath is obviously good for small rooms, or for children that have lots of toys. Underneath storage provides a great space saving option, and there are plenty of styles on the market that look fab too. There are also beds that offer the option of a pull out bed in place of where the drawers would be. This is great for when children get older and are more likely to have friends sleep over.

3). Novelty beds
Novelty beds are often aimed at the very young market, for toddlers who are about to sleep in their first proper bed, rather than a cot bed. Children will normally be at an age where they would find a novelty bed shaped in a car, a fairy or a ship to be exciting! This will encourage them to stay in their own bed and not migrate into your bed, now that they are not constrained by the high bars of a cot.

4). Bunk beds
Bunk beds are the ideal choice for siblings that are close in age and share a room, or for children that are likely to have friends or cousins coming to sleep over as they get older. Bunk beds are great space savers if children share a room, and there are styles on the market that can be disconnected and made in to two single beds, which is a great option for when children get older and perhaps “grow out” of the idea of sleeping in bunkbeds. When choosing a bunk bed, make sure you pick one that is sturdy. It is sometimes better to pay a little more where bunks are concerned, to ensure that they are super sturdy. Pine bunks are often pretty solid, as are those made out of metal.

5). Midsleepers
Midsleepers are an option reminiscent of secret camps, and I’ve yet to meet a child that didn’t get excited by a midsleeper! They often come in themed style, and the high quality midsleepers are renowned for their comfortable mattresses.

Whatever the bed you choose for your child, have fun choosing it because it can make the difference between tantrums at bedtime or a smooth night’s sleep.