7 Back To School Tips For Parents

It does not matter how many times you prepare for your kids to go back to school, it never gets easier! Just when you think you have a method that will keep you organised, each year brings more technology and specific school supplies. Not to mention, trying to keep up with fashion trends is a challenge in itself, especially if your children all have their own style, which requires separate shops to buy their clothes from. If there is someone on hand to help you, now is the time to use their support! Why not have help during this chaotic time, so you can keep your sanity?

  • Doctor and Dentist Visit – There is no point waiting until two weeks after school starts to find out your child needs a filling. It is important to make sure your child is in good mental and physical health before they begin the new school year.

  • Routine – To avoid drama, plus whining and grouchy mornings, you will want to establish morning and night-time routines at least a week or so prior to the first day back. The children should begin to go to bed just a little earlier every night and get up earlier every morning. If you wait until the day before, their inner clock will not have time to reset itself. If they can’t fall asleep at night, they will be tired in the morning. This will result in grouchiness, and if they are running late it will start their first day in a stress bubble. Plus, if they are tired, they will have a hard time concentrating.

  • Don’t Splurge on Clothes – Many parents make the mistake of taking their kids shopping for school clothes and buying everything all at once. Why fight the crowds in the shops? Simply grab a few staple pieces and make sure they at least have a new outfit for the first day, and wait a week or so. Everything will be on clearance, and this will give them a chance to see what everyone else is wearing. They may have a new favorite brand they simply must have after seeing what their friends or the “cool” kids are wearing.

  • Know What School Supplies They Need – A lot of money is wasted every year by parents simply buying everything they think their kids will need. You can stock up on pens, pencils etc and have at least one notepad to start the first day of school with, but most teachers have specific supplies they expect their students to have. Some may want a binder with loose paper while others will require a three or five-subject book with folders. You are better to know their requirements before you buy these items and then shop after school.

  • Go Over School Routes – If your child is close enough to walk to school, you should do this a few times together before the first day. They should be aware of road crossings and know what to do when they see a stop sign. If they're taking the bus, you can practice walking to the bus stop, and be sure to time it. Buses don’t wait, so you need to know when they should be out the door in order to make sure they catch it!

  • Go Food Shopping – It's always a good idea to take your children food shopping, so they can help pick out what they want for breakfast and in their lunches. If they pick it, they are less likely to complain about it. It is not a bad idea to get food that’s easy to make for the first few days, or make things like soup and pasta that you can freeze and thaw out. Evenings are always chaotic for the first week; make life easier and have easy meals ready to go.

  • Review All Essential Information – It's a good idea to review all of the important school information before school starts. This includes school uniform codes, list of teachers, classroom numbers, school calendar dates, health and emergency information, bus transfers, etc. You should also look on the school’s website to make a note of any signups for sports clubs or volunteer opportunities.
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