How to Choose a Baby Monitor

Most new mums love shopping for baby stuff, such as clothes, shoes, prams, cots, and more. However, when it comes to purchasing a baby monitor, most parents are confused due to the large choice available. After all, there are many brands, types and features to consider.

Which type of monitor do you need?
There are three main types of baby monitors to choose from; audio, video, or breathing/movement. An audio monitor lets you hear your baby while a video monitor lets you hear and see your baby. A breathing/movement monitor detects your baby's breathing movements and alerts you if breathing becomes undetectable. Some breathing monitors also have audio combined so that you can also hear your baby. There are even baby monitors out there with all three types of monitoring combined: sound, video and breathing. Take some time to think about each type available, and decide which type would suit you best.

Choose a brand you can trust
When you choose your baby monitor, ensure the brand of the product is one that you can trust. Some well-known brands are Tomy, Summer Infant, Avent, and BT. If you find a product you like but you have never heard of the brand, be sure to check that there are plenty reviews on the product online, so you can be sure other parents are purchasing this product too.

Look at the different features available
There are many features to consider when choosing a baby monitor, some are more important than others. Some of the features to pay attention to are the warranty, the portability of the parent unit, the signal (analogue or digital), and the range (the distance the baby and parent units can be apart without losing signal). There are also more advanced features such as night light, touch screen, and lullabies. Those are features you may like to have, but don't necessarily need.

Read reviews and ask for opinions
It's always a good idea to read product reviews before purchasing anything, as doing this allows you to see whether most people recommend the product or not. You may also want to look for patterns in the reviews. For example, if one person mentions something they hate about the product but no-one else mentions it then it's probably nothing to worry about. But if there are a few people mentioning the same problem then you may want to ask the manufacturer about this or choose a different monitor altogether. It's also a good idea to join the baby and parenting forums so that you can ask other forum members for their opinions on the baby monitor you are considering. Some of them are bound to be using that same product, and therefore will be able to tell you whether they recommend it or not.

Guest Writer

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