Tips On Choosing A Baby's Name

Congratulations! If you’re in the midst of choosing a name for your baby then you’re currently experiencing one of the most amazing times you’ll have on the journey to becoming a parent – but that does not mean it’s easy. Far from it, in fact, because there are so many, many names to choose from.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who agreed on names even before conception, choosing a name for your baby is difficult as you need to find something that both you and your partner are happy with as well as one that avoids the many pitfalls involved with naming.

1. Don’t feel overwhelmed

This is important as naming your baby should be a happy time. But with so many friends, family members, work colleagues and strangers inflicting their name suggestions on you, it’s easy to feel overawed by it all. Just remember that these people are only trying to help and you can simply acknowledge their ideas and quietly dismiss the ones you don’t like.

2. Start the discussion

It may be tempting to delay talking to your partner about names, especially if you think you’ll disagree, but the sooner you start the discussion the sooner you can create a shortlist of names you both like. Plus, it’ll be interesting to really start the debate and discover which names are your partner’s favourites – and yours for that matter!

3. Search for inspiration

Don’t feel obliged to only consider family or traditional names as there’s a choice of around a million and more to choose from so let your imagination run free. Remember that any suggestions can be easily dismissed so consider lots and lots and then you’ll feel more confident in your final decision. To help you find different names, search online, flick through baby names books, and glance over family trees – you never know when a name you’d never thought of before will suddenly resonate with you.

4. Strike a balance

While you’re busily considering every kind of weird and wonderful name for your baby, keep in mind the need to strike a balance between choosing a unique and an abstract name. You may want your child to have a name that stands out in a crowd and isn’t shared by half her or his classmates but you don’t want a name that invites ridicule either.

5. Try it out

The best way to avoid many of the pitfalls of naming your baby is to try out your shortlist of names. Remember the name needs to work with the middle and surnames too, so write it down and say it out loud. How does it sound? If it flows, the initials do not spell anything dodgy, and there are no dubious nicknames that spring to mind, you could be onto a winner. However, if the names jar together or sound silly, you may want to think again.

6. Find middle ground

Your baby’s middle name can be a great way of appeasing both you and your partner if you’re struggling to agree on a name or if there are two names you really like. For example, there may be a family name you want to use as well as a favourite name, so why not make one the middle name so you can use both?

7. You decide

Ultimately, no matter what names anyone else hints at or bombards you with, choosing a name for your baby is a decision for you and your partner only. So if you really can’t decide, create a shortlist and wait until your little bundle of joy arrives – the moment you get eye contact with your baby, you’ll surely know which name is the perfect one.

Guest Writer

Our guest writer is Baby Nest, a London based shop selling popular baby equipment and pushchairs such as the iCandy pushchair.