10 Healthy Foods For Kids

Good nutrition is vital for children’s overall health, and can be used as part of regular exercise to promote active lifestyles. When putting together healthy foods and a stable diet for children, it’s worth thinking about hitting some key fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh fish, eggs, yoghurt and other tasty but healthy foods. Moreover, it’s crucial to try to limit the amount of unhealthy snacks and junk foods that children have each week - moderation is important, with these foods used as occasional treats alongside a day to day healthy diet. Some top healthy foods for kids include:

1 - Apples

Excellent as a snack, and as a source of vitamin C, apples are a cheap and easy way to provide low calorie foods and fibre for children’s diets. Apples should be included as part of a daily lunch, or given as a snack during the day.

2 - Tuna

Fresh and tinned tuna fish is recommended for children due to their wide range of nutrients, which include potassium and fatty acids. Tuna is also a good source of omega-3 essential fats, and can be served in sandwiches, or with pasta.

3 - Eggs

While perhaps not recommended as part of a daily diet, and especially if fried rather than poached or boiled, eggs are a great source of nutrition, and are low in saturated fats.

4 - Root Vegetables

Introducing vegetables early to a child’s diet is important for ensuring that they don’t get too fussy about having some greens with their meals. Carrots and parsnips are high in minerals, while potatoes can be easily served as part of a balanced evening meal.

5 - Yoghurt

A yoghurt a day is recommended for providing children with protein and calcium. Yoghurts also help to boost immune systems, and act as a form of friendly bacteria for digestion.

6 - Avocado

Rich in healthy mono unsaturated fats, avocado is ideal as a more unusual fruit that can be cut up and spread onto bread, or served crushed up as part of a salad.

7 - Sweet Potato

An excellent source of Vitamin A, sweet potato can be a popular choice with children when served as an alternative to normal potatoes. Served as a side dish, or mashed up as part of a meal, sweet potato has a rich and distinctive flavour.

8 - Hummus

Served as a spread on bread and crackers, or as a dip for carrot sticks and crisps, hummus is high in proteins and essential olive oils, making it an excellent choice for providing children with rich nutrients.

9 - Mango

Mango can be used as a way to deliver Vitamin C to a child’s diet, and is ideal for toddlers and babies when juiced and served up, albeit in a slightly messy way. Mango slices can also be served as a dessert.

10 - Peanut Butter

Low fat peanut butter can be spread on sandwiches, and can also be used as a dip. Peanut butter contains essential vitamins, and while perhaps not ideal for being used every day, look out for the healthier versions from Health Food shops that don't contain sugar, for a protein snack packed with energy.

Guest writer

Our guest writer is Sebastian. He highly suggests that if you're a nanny or Au Pair looking after children that you take heed of these healthy alternative foods. Try to make snack time as fun as possible without compromising your childs health!