How To Dress When Pregnant - Top Style Tips

A stylish pregnancy is not a myth, and whilst the majority of mums will complain about being bored of leggings by the time the ninth month comes along, it simply doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course, by the end you don’t want to shop. You are tired, irritable, your feet are too swollen to walk, plus you haven’t got enough time left to justify bump covering clothes anymore, but with a little preparation in the earlier months, you can have a style filled final trimester.

The items you will require of course depend on your lifestyle, but here are some key pieces that every mummy-to-be should have tucked away, ready to discover and fit into at seven months pregnant. If nothing else it will make your day, and make the final 2 months stylishly bareable!

A skirt

Depending on the season of your pregnancy, buy something comfortable. Light and floaty, in a pretty design or colour will looks gorgeous nestled under your bump. Maxi skirts or knee length are ideal. Go for season relevant colours, so neutrals and golds for winter and pinks and yellows for summer. Black tights will be needed in winter!

A dress

Again, season depending, the dress you choose should be able to be easily dressed up or down. With this in mind, a wrap dress is simplest. Buy one which sits on or just above your knee as this is the most flattering length. A wrap can also highlight your fabulously blossoming décolletage.

A top

Of course the basic strappy tops will be worn day in day out, but something with some sparkle, a drape effect neckline or in a bright, bold colour or pattern will brighten up your day. Make sure it is fitted close to the body to avoid making you look bigger then you are, plus a lower neckline is more flattering.


A great fitting pair of maternity jeans are such an essential – you will wear them after you’ve had baby for a while too so make sure you buy a pair you love. The daywear fit should be bootcut to flatter your growing bump. For evening, skinnies are brilliant – don’t be afraid to still embrace these old favourites. If you weren’t meant to wear skinnies whilst pregnant then why would they make maternity versions?


Every pregnant woman’s nightmare but investing in a low wedge heel in classic black will get you through the final months for occasions when nothing but a heel will do. Don’t attempt high heels – they are far too unstable!

Finally - A great bra

A great bra is crucial. You can find some stunning maternity/nursing bra’s online, and whilst a wonderbra will no doubt be too uncomfortable on your ever increasing bust, softly padded cup’s will be all you need to get a bit of extra va-va-voom!

Being a stylish mum-to-be never looked so easy!

Guest writer

Our guest writer is Sharon. Staying stylish during pregnancy can be expensive, as is taking care of a baby, so guest author Sharon likes to make use of free baby stuff from websites such as this one where they have lots of offers to help lighten the cost.