How To Survive Flying With Kids!

The summer may be approaching its end but there's still plenty of time to hop on that plane for a last minute week in the sun before the kids go back to school. 

Holidays, once a time of peace and rest, are rarely stress free for me now I have my two bundles of joy, aged three and five.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and once we’re actually at the holiday destination everything’s fun and giggles: it’s just all that travelling. Whoever invented the modern airport and Boeing 474 was not a parent! I generally need about three days to fully recover from flying with the family.

This year, I’ve decided to do something a little different, just short of installing a racetrack for kid's quad bikes in the main terminal of the airport. I’ve devised a plan to get all of us through the four hour flight to Greece and the three hours we’ll probably spend at Gatwick with a minimum amount of tantrums and exclamations of “but I’m BORED!”

In The Airport

Step 1 - Make sure to check in online first, no one wants to spend half an hour queuing with numerous suitcases and grumpy kids.

Step 2 - Whilst waiting to check the bags in, start playing Airport Scavenger Hunt (make a list of things you can see at an airport and let the kids check them off as they identify them – it could be anything from “person in big sunhat that won’t fit in their suitcase” to “plane taking off”).

Step 3 - Continue the games as you make your way through the airport, packing healthy snack and drinks to avoid unexpected sugar highs in a confined space at 30,000ft in the air.

Step 4 - Avoid fast food restaurants like the plague or risk plenty of “I want a Happy Meal!” whinges.

Step 5 - Get through security as soon as possible so there are no last minute “you get the kids, I’ll get the bags!” dashes through the airport.

Step 6 - Once you’re through security, one parent can plane spot with the kids whilst the other keeps an eye on the departure board for the boarding gate.

Step 7 - Race to the gate – winner gets the window seat for takeoff!

On the Plane

Step 1 - Be gracious and let the kids have the window seat – you can swap during the flight to make it fair and they’ll enjoy looking out the window. You can print off a map of the route so they can keep track of their ongoing journey.

Step 2 - Remember earphones for the in-flight movie.

Step 3 - Get up and take a little stroll around the plane with the kids, even if it’s just up and down the aisle. You can even turn it into a game: How many steps from one end of the aircraft to the other?

Step 4 - Remember to bring loads of sit-down activities, like colouring books and cards for card games.

Step 5 If all else fails, bust out the word games: Either everyone says one line of a story or everybody says just one word and it can get as crazy as you like.

Back in the Airport
The only step...Get the bags and get out of there as quickly as humanly possible; arrive at destination and contemplate how only parents as amazing as you could have made flying that bearable, even enjoyable.


Guest writer

Our guest writer is Jasmine Ayres. Jasmine loves her family but hates the holiday travelling - she blogs for Kids Island and wants to share her travel survival tips.