Tips On Choosing A Pushchair

There are numerous brands and styles of pushchairs available, so how do you choose the right one for you and your baby?

Before you even begin to tackle the task of pushchair shopping, stop and think about what’s important to you when it comes to getting your baby from A to B. Factors including how you spend your time, your budget and your needs, will help you narrow down the type of pushchair that will work for you.

How you spend your time

What you want from a pushchair depends a great deal on how you spend your days. Consider how often you use the car and public transport, how far you like to walk and the sort of terrain this tends to involve, as well as things like socialising and holidaying. You need a portable pushchair if you travel a lot, be this by public transport or car – all that constant folding, carrying and loading will soon tire you otherwise! Choose a model that is lightweight, easy to fold, and compact when folded. Also, you may want a model that allows a carry cot or car seat to click into place for added flexibility. Alternatively, if you don’t envisage having to fold and store the pram or pushchair very often, you may prefer a style that offers other features such as an under-the-seat shopping basket or lockable wheels instead. Manoeuvrability is important in a pushchair but different features will appeal depending on whether you’ll be out in the countryside walking or clipping along city streets mostly. Remember to select a fairly sturdy model and a three-wheeler if you do lots of off-road, uneven terrain walking to ensure the ride is still smooth for your baby. And look out for adjustable features like handle height so you can ensure walking with your pushchair is comfortable for all.


Money is naturally a key factor when it comes to choosing your pushchair as prices vary widely. It’s a good idea to invest as much as possible without overstretching yourself - as a rule, the more you spend, as you get more features the more you spend as a rule, and especially if you want to use the pushchair again for your next baby you’ll want to make sure it’s durable. However, if you think you’ll switch to a stroller when your baby is three months, it should be easier to keep costs down with this purchase.


You and your baby will want different things from a pushchair and all of these should be considered when buying a pram. For example, comfort matters for your baby so look for features such as padded seats, weatherproof protectors and lie-back position options. Likewise, you’ll want to be comfortable pushing the pram so consider whether it’s easy to move along as well as up and down stairs/kerbs etc. Also, you need to decide whether you wish your baby to face you or the outside world – many models nowadays offer reversible seat units so you can chop and change this aspect accordingly.

The size of your home and car boot matter too, and will likely dictate the type of pushchair you choose in the end. After all, space may determine that your pram is lightweight, compact and super-practical rather than stylish, old-fashioned and non-foldable like the designer model you’ve had your eye on!

Guest Writer

Our guest writer is Baby Nest. Baby Nest is a retailer of baby pushchairs such as the brand new Bugaboo Cameleon 3