Heaven Fresh Hf290 Naturopure Air Purifier

Heaven Fresh Hf290 Naturopure Air Purifier
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Details of Heaven Fresh Hf290 Naturopure Air Purifier

Key Features of the HF290 5 Stage air purification Is 99. 97% effective at removing particles Easy to take apart and clean Long Lasting HEPA filter Low power consumption Easy operation 3 fan speeds The Heaven Fresh HF290 Multi Technology Air Purifier has been designed to make the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. The purifier uses multiple specialist filtration systems to remove airborne pollutants, particulates, bacteria and viruses. The first stage the polluted air go’s through is a filter with active carbon which specialises in removing gases, chemicals, smoke and odour. So this is ideal if you want to remove odours after cooking or are concerned about chemicals in the air after using cleaning products. The second stage is when the air passes through the HEPA filter which is a high tech filter that removes over 99% of particles which pass through it and is considered the best on the market as they can capture higher volumes of floating particles than standard filters can. The third stage is a specially designed board with a UV light which destroys organic based pollutants and the Photo-catalytic technology on the board eliminates harmful gases such as nitrogen, toluene and sulphur dioxides. The next stage has another Ultraviolet light which has been is clinically proven to destroy microbial particles such as bacteria, mould, germs and viruses. UV lights are often used in the medical field to sanitize equipment and rooms, so you can rest assured that all harmful particles which could cause you illness are removed from the air. Our air is filled with positive and negative ions, Negative ions repel other airborne particles where as positive ions attract other particles. The HF290 emits negative ions which effectively breaking up pollutants which have clumped together this helps to remove pollutants even at a distance away from the purifier itself.  

Brand: Heaven Fresh