Vicks Germ Free Humidifier

Vicks Germ Free Humidifier
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Details of Vicks Germ Free Humidifier

There is no cure for the common cold. True, but there are things that we can do as parents and caregivers to make children—and ourselves—feel better. Using a humidifier is one of them. One of the first things doctors recommend when a child comes down with a cold is to use a humidifier, as this can help loosen congestion and soothe a sore throat. Proper humidification is specially important for children since their smaller nostrils get bunged up more easily. More generally, the regular use of a humidifier can help keep you and your family healthy. Maintaining the right amount of moisture in your home improves the ability of your respiratory system to expel germs from the body. Proper humidity levels in the home can also ease other types of discomfort caused by dry winter air, such as a dry nose and throat, itchy skin, and dry eyes. Studies have shown that keeping indoor air at an RH level of 40-60% reduces survival of flu viruses compared to lower RH levels, so running a humidifier to maintain this healthy level can be a preventative as well as relief. The Vicks Germ Free Humidifier has a patented germ-killing UV light chamber which kills up to 99. 9% of bacteria, mold and fungi in water. Set and forget this humidifier runs up to 24 hours on one filling (on low setting). Perfect for every day use in your home as low energy consumption keeps your electricity bill down and quiet operation makes this suitable to leave running overnight, or during the day while you are at work, rest or play. Great for every day use as no mist is produced as the evaporative technology works invisibly in your home. How Evaporative Humidifiers work?Evaporative Humidifiers are equipped with a special filter, also known as a wicking filter, which soaks up water. A fan draws dry air through the moistened filter and re-circulates humidified air back into the room. During this process the air is simultaneously washed, i. e. various dust and other air borne particles are retained to a certain extent in the wicking filter. You should change the filter under normal circumstances every 2 months. It is called an AntiMicrobial Filter for Vicks and Honeywell Evaporative and GermFree Humidifiers. Evaporative Humidifiers automatically provide the right humidity level. This is known as the 'self regulating principle'. Due to physical law the air will only accept the amount of moisture it is able to hold at a particular temperature. There is no visible mist expelled from an Evaporative Humidifier and this is normal. If desired a Vicks Scent pad can be used with the humidifier - one is included free (Scent Pads +36 months). It is the humidity itself that helps relieve from dry air, and this is suitable from birth. For peace of mind there is also 2 years warranty on this humidifier..

Brand: Vicks