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Year 6 English SATs papers

To put all past Year 6 SATs papers on your website, please follow these instructions: Instructions. It will take minutes for your IT person to do, and each year when we add past papers to Compare4Kids, they will automatically appear on your website - yes, it is magic!...your version won't have adverts and will not ask you to provide an email address to access, so it is super school-friendly.

KS2 Year 6 English SATs test
Download KS2 english SATs papers online, and for free, from Compare4kids. We have several resources that will help with revision: Spag Boot Camp and Spag Wiz Sheets help with the KS2 SATs Spag paper, whereas Literacy Boot Camp helps children prepare for the KS2 English SATs test.

The Year 6 English SATs papers (KS2) will help children revise for their English SATs test, which consists of:

- A spelling test: this consists of 30 spellings.
- A reading test - questions include multiple choice, labelling, finding information from the text, plus short and open-ended responses.
- A Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar paper (SPAG): this consists of short answered questions, to test your spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge.