We get a lot of emails about our Year 6 SATs resources - from teachers, parents, children, and even whole class emails! Here are some extracts from the emails we've received over the years:
"You're website has helped my year 6 child so much - thank you!"
Pranav, Year 6 parent
"These resources are a lifesaver - they massively lessen the stress in the run up to SATs."
Mrs Philips, Year 6 teacher, Merseyside
"I always look forward to getting my class started on Boot Camp each year - all my year 6 classes have loved it!"
Mr Porthouse, Year 6 teacher
"I've been using Boot Camp for the last 3 years - I first found Science boot camp which my class loved as it collated brilliant games and activities. I soon discovered the others! I use them regularly as they save me hours of time searching for relevant and appropriate websites, games and activities. The children always love whatever I use. Spag Boot Camp has been invaluable to prepare the children in my class for the spelling and grammar tests. I would recommend Boot Camp to any teacher without hesitation."
Ms Williams, Year 6 teacher, Cheshire
"Hi do you remember me? I wrote to you before my sats tests when I was really nervous and you really helped me by answering my questions. I just had my sats tests and I think I did pretty awesome so I am writing to say thank you cos the Boot Camps helped me so much."
Year 6 child, name withheld
"I am logged in now and I love it [Spag Wiz Sheets] - it is such a brilliant resource. It is sites like these that make teaching and the resourcing it requires to stay within the realms of sanity. Many thanks for your great customer support also. Please can you forward this email to the top dog website so that you get some credit for being so helpful. Many thanks and I am off to save more Wiz papers in my spag library ready to get my lovely year 6 revised up for their date with SATS."
Sarah, Year 6 teacher
"It's so quick and easy to create the Wiz Sheets and the questions are set up like real SATs questions so they are perfect for the kids to practice for the real thing."
Ms Atwal, Year 6 teacher, Hammersmith
"I discovered your site a few years ago when looking for ways to support my Year 6 pupils in their SATs revision. Thank you for making the journey less tedious for them, through gathering together a range of games and activities to consolidate their knowledge. It is particularly useful having sections for different concepts, so that the children are able to handpick the areas that they need most support with. Whenever I go to any local authority CPD, I recommend your site to all Year 6 teachers as a great 'GoTo' place."
Liz, Year 6 teacher
"I discovered Compare4Kids Boot Camps when my son was doing his SATs tests - he was anxious about his tests but he loved doing the boot camps and even said that he didn't feel like he was revising as the work was fun to do! My daughter is doing SATs this year, and I've just signed up for the full package."
Sarah Peterson, Parent Y6 child
"These resources have saved me so much time and my class also love using them so it's win win!"
Anne, Year 6 teacher, Cambridgeshire
"I'm just writing you an email to say thank you for your Boot Camps - I've been doing them with my son every night and not only has it helped him to revise, but it has also been bonding for us to sit down and do them together. He is definitely more confident now about his upcoming tests."
Louisa, Year 6 parent
"I'm a year 6 teacher and have been using compare4kids boot camps since they were first launched and still haven't found anything else that is comparable. I love the addition of Spag Wiz Sheets - it's so intuitive and has saved me LOADS of time. There should be more companies out there that are genuinely dedicated to helping year 6 teachers and their class in what is often a stressful time. Thank you compare 4 kids."
Mrs Martin, Year 6 teacher
"My daughter has been using your educational tools at school in her class with her teacher, and also every night at home on her own. She was in tears a couple of months ago because she was finding it all overwhelming, but she is now calm and focused, and quietly confident about her tests - I am convinced that the tools on your site have been the catalyst for this new found calm. I only wish I had known about them when my eldest daughter took her SATS two years ago."
Year 6 child
"Thanks for your reply, I'm smiling at the fact that resources are so cheap - I thought the price was per child so am amazed to find out the price is per school!"
Mr Lehmann
"I love compare4kids."
Year 6 child
"Thank you Compare4kids for your wonderful Boot Camps, from Willow class!"
Willow Class, Year 6
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